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Proposed Seattle Ordinance on Homeless Encampments

08 Sep 2016 12:43 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

Dear WROA Members:


The Seattle City Council is at it again.  When I first saw this I thought that this must be the “Homeless Bill of Rights” with the “Right to Rest” coming to Seattle from Arizona and other places, but this seems to be slightly different, even if just as problematic.  This bill deals with homeless encampments and seriously limits the City’s ability to remove them.


This proposed ordinance would require the city to perform significant duties including “The City shall provide outreach, basic garbage, sanitation, and harm reduction services upon request at outdoor living spaces containing more than five individuals”.  Also, there are onerous provisions before the city can relocate, move, or impound any homeless encampment or their property.  It goes so far as to say that the City must catalogue the belongings (in painstaking detail) if they choose to remove or impound property…but only after giving 30-90 days’ notice first in most cases.


Below is an article from the Seattle Times with outrage from Seattle citizens that the City would even take THESE measures, calling them Draconian towards the homeless population.




While this bill talks mostly about City property, I think that we should be following these developments closely because I believe that this could effect our property rights significantly with a few small changes.  Take a look and let me know what you guys think.

Proposed Seattle Ordinance Link: PDF





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